Your partner in homecare and child development.

Because nothing matters more.
  • We understand just how important a happy home and family is. Through our passion and expertise, we will lead the way and take care of the hard stuff, so you can enjoy the rest.

  • Home and child care services

    Why not take a night off and let Lollaby watch the kids? Our professional nannies are available for casual babysitting and once the kids have gone to sleep we will get to work on pressing the reset button to your home. You can rest assured the kids are in good hands and you will be able to wake up to a clean and organised home

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    Accredited nanny

    Tailored homecare plans

    Happy kids are our priority

    Developmental plans

    Regular feedback

    Healthy, home cooked meals

    Come home to a clean house

    Nanny coaching

    Lollaby at home

    Happy kids and joyful learning

    As Lollaby nannies we dont just look after your child, we ensure they are learning all the time. We prepare fun activities that are suited to your child’s current level of development.

    A perfect house, effortlessly

    Imagine finishing work and coming home to a healthy dinner and spotless house. The washing has been done and the children are happy, all you have to do is relax, enjoy your family and your home.

    A helping hand when you need it most

    Lollaby offers fully customised packages designed to suit you and your families needs. Together we will work out what you need help with and where you need us most.


    Tips and tricks for raising kids

    Raising kids can be difficult and rewarding. Our tips for parents show you how to get the most out of the most precious years of your kids life.

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    Lollaby Consulting

    Lollaby works with Australia's best nannies developing their careers, and helping them help their family's. Through coaching and mentoring we are creating the next generation of nannies.

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    We will go through your routine with you and work out where Lollaby can take the pressure off, we then build a package based on your needs - the package is flexible and is built to suit your lifestyle. This means you can free up a night to relax, get the kids to school easier or get more time enjoying your family.



    Please provide your details below and list a few things that you’d like help with around the house. Be as specific as possible, including days, children and other tasks. Don’t hold back, if you could make anything easier at home what would it be? For bonus points tell us what you’d do with the free time you get.